Life Celebrations as Unique as Your Life

Life is full of opportunities to show someone we love them.  Once they are gone, we only have one another.  Any type of service that honors your loved one and provides meaning and significance for those left behind is moving you forward down the path of healing. Consider having a time set apart to celebrates the choices they made, the relationships you shared, and honor their memory.  Consider joining us at Cremation Society of Mid Michigan, where we recognize that every individual has different needs and desires.  We offer a complete line of memorial products such as urns, Holy Cards, Memorial Folders, and Register books. To view some of our urns, visit and go to family/friend tab.

  • Honoring Life

    Honoring Life

    It's important to take time to acknowledge the uniqueness of the one who was such a part of the fabric of your life and is now no longer with us.  A life affirming celebration recalls for us, the individuality of their personality and the uniqueness of their life's path.  It affirms the relationships they shared and helps lead to us down that path of healing.

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  • Life Celebration

    Life Celebration

    Taking the time to design a service that meets your unique needs and circumstances does not have to be difficult. We invite you to partner with us and review the many options available to celebrate and honor the life of your loved one.

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  • Memorial Services

    Memorial Services

    It's often seen as easier not to have a memorial service, however, grief experts agree, any type of service that affirms the specialness of your loved one and shares with others the important part they played in your life, is an integral part of the healing process.

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  • Memorialization


    A special  place set apart where one can spend time after a loss can be helpful as the weeks and months go by.  For some this place is a place of quiet and reflection and is helpful when facing an anniversary or a holiday.   If you would like assistance with creating a lasting memorial, please contact one of our staff. We offer a complete line of memorial products such as memorial folders, holy cards, register books, and urns.

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  • Veteran's Services

    Veteran's Services

    We believe those who served our nation are deserving of special attention, and we will take care of all details in securing the benefits your veteran is entitled to receive.

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